new years eve

new year's eve

winterFieldandForest7 Comments

Hey, all of you out there in internet-land. I just wanted to say a quick thanks before the New Year. This blog is very young, and I am a bit rusty with the word-smithing and all, but I cannot tell you how much it means to me that you swing by here every so often to my corner of the internet and visit (and sometimes even say hello)! Thank you, thank you. This time of year can be nutty and thoughtful, exciting and stressful, overwhelming and overjoyed. I hope that you were (and are) all able to relax and spend time with people you love. I am not big on resolutions in the traditional sense, where we vow to be more "x" or do more "y." I prefer broader hopes and wishes for more of the infinitely meaningful small things. This year, I wish for more laughter, more creativity, more time spent in the present, more meals taken outside. I wish for good health and enough happiness to balance any sadness. I wish for hugs whenever I want them, and I wish that I will be able to care for my friends, my family, and myself as much as is needed/desired. I wish for more sleep, and more dreams. And I wish to connect with you more! Yes, you.

All of these wishes said, if I do have one traditional resolution, it is that in 2015, I will be able to do a handstand. Yesssssss.

Happy New Year, everyone. Much love to you all from Salt Lake City.