I'm Rachel, the lady behind this corner of the internet. I like to talk about food, think about food, read about food, write about food, grow food, make food, and eat food, both for work and for fun. When I'm not doing any of those things, I'm often exploring the mountains around our home with my husband, our dog, and our friends.

Here you'll find some of our favorite recipes, places, and things to do. As we love food and the outdoors, we'll also share some tips for enjoying both together. I hope that you find inspiration here to do the same wherever you are.

Rachel Sanders is a freelance food and outdoor lifestyle writer, photographer, and recipe developer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. After working in a commercial bakery and locavore restaurant in college, Rachel enrolled in culinary school as a graduation present to herself. She spent the next chapter of her life immersed in a world of mother sauces, French pastry, and butter, while filling notebooks with recipe ideas and photos of her food. She still handwrites many of her recipes and notes before bringing them to Field + Forest.

Rachel has worked on a farm, in kitchens, as a farmers market manager, and as a mentor to environmentally-oriented university students, and continues to work with people who are enhancing the food system in Utah. She prefers her coffee with cream and sugar, her shirts to be plaid, her weekends (and weekdays) to be outside, and her meals with hefty sides of sustainability and social justice.

To chat about collaborations, cooking questions, or where to find the best shawarma sandwich in SLC, send her a note!



Fun Fact: Rachel is wearing pajama bottoms in this photo.